Lounger Concept Inspired by Formula One

It looks red. It looks chic. It spells stylish, and is hi-tech. Yet, it is a big doubt if one can use this for the purpose it was designed. It is a lounge chair. And inspired by Formula One race cars. No wonder that its look and design, although meant to relax your senses, de-stress and cool your nerves, actually make you want to jump out of there, into the race car hot-seat and zip away.

Thankfully, the Formula One Race Car inspired chair is still a concept. It has been designed by Hungarian Designer Alexander Christoff. While screaming speed from the look of it, the design is ergonomic and elegant. It has Chrome legs and an adjustable headrest to cool your head. The chair itself is made of fiberglass and has a comfortable leg-rest besides being sturdy.

Having this furniture sizzle in your man cave would put you in the center of the Formula 1 action. It has a wavy feel to it, and will suit any living living room or lounge with that contemporary look to it.

If you are a true Formula One fan and have a leaning for all things Formula One in your life, this is one piece of furniture you must not let go. So get on it, and relax.

Via: toxel, examiner

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