Ruslan Mukanov Makes His Own Real But Fake Rolls-Royce

Not all of us have the money to buy a Rolls-Royce. Most of the lot chooses to live a life of pining for the super luxury car. And then there are those like Ruslan Mukanov who if cannot afford to buy a car simply make their own. Yep, we are not talking through our hats as this 24 year old mechanic from Kazakhstan accomplished this tremendous feat with flying colors.

Mukanov, who come from Borat’s homeland, has created a gorgeous and extremely impressive faux Phantom from plaster, fiberglass and an old Mercedes-Benz E-class (now, we don’t know how the Merc guys would be feeling about this one but the Rolls-Royce dude would thrilled at this unique ode).

We are told that the car cost Mukanov close to $3,000 whch also included an authentic Rolls-Royce item – the emblem. As for the technical specs, there might be some trouble with the acceleration. In fact, the authorities are uncertain whether this car is fit for the road but the car’s 3.0 litre engine gives a better mileage than the real deal. We hope the Rolls-Royce engineers are paying attention to Mukanov’s concept and design.

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