Peugeot Unveils The Futuristic Looking B1K Concept Bicycle

One of the most revered names in the world of bicycles, Cycles Peugeot, has unveiled an all new concept bicycle design that is so revolutionary in design and functionality, that it seems to have been plucked straight out of a science fiction novel. The all new B1K concept bicycle from Peugeot has taken the cycling to a whole new level, with drop dead gorgeous looks and with its unique design, this concept bike is sure to entice the riders.

The Peugeot B1K concept cycle is primarily based on the conventional bicycle design, but the designers have done away with the traditional crank-driven drivetrain the down tube, thus giving the B1K an awesome look. The entire structure of the bike is developed from carbon, with the rider’s seat angled downwards, thus reducing drag and enabling better balance and higher performance. The mechanism behind the chain free drivetrain is still under wraps and thus it is anybody’s guess as to how the bicycle can be driven without a traditional chain.

However, the skeptics could put a big question mark on the bike’s durability and rigidity, because the removal of the down tube creates a pretty vast space between the front and the rear wheel, thus making it a bit hard to believe that the bike can maintain its structural integrity at high speeds.

Via The Coolist & Bike Rumor

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