Davone RITHM Goes Low Cost With Cool Loudspeakers

There are some good things too about living through a global economic recession. We are talking about low costs of quality products up on the market. This has been a major move on the part of the manufacturers to improve sales. So, now that you might not wanna hang out too often at your favorite pub due to a tight monthly budget, we think you can always enjoy your favorite music from the comfort of your own home.

You have Danish makers Davone RITHM loudspeakers to thank for that. Yep, they have decided to cut the cost price of their cool new speakers that are 27 inches tall and have an elegance to match the high quality of sound it produces. A high resolution coaxial loudepaker driver has been used in here.

All the techie specs have been combined pretty smoothly with the pressure-formed wood cabinetry to ensure you get a powerful, precise and balanced music. On top of all that, the speakers also give a very controlled and tuneful bass in low frequency settings. The original price was $5,595 a pair and now you can get the same set for $3,995. One more thing, the other two color options – Oak and Black- have been discontinued so you can get only the walnut finishing.

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