Now, a Customisable Multi-screen Display Option

Expandable multi-screen display just got more magnanimous.

9X Media, that has brought out such products related to multi-screen display before too. Its latest offering is however a step ahead on more counts than one. The new X-Top Multi Screen Commander System is rack mountable. It has all the benefits of previous multi-screen displays.

Like its other prior versions, its ergonomic design has features such as height adjustment, tilt and rotation options, in-line screen positioning.

Now the additional access however that of using and controlling a variety of 4U rack-mount components such as iPods, KVM switches, AV controls and power control.

Besides, the arching support legs have been made to use minimum space directly in front of the user, while the keyboard can be placed right under the screens. Not just this. It is the world’s first upgradeable multi-screen that can be customized to the needs and requirements of users.

It can be scaled from two to 15 screens per unit in thousands of configurations. And that includes SlimLine LCDs that range from 17 inch to 32 inch models.

The modular portable multi-screen system is made reportedly from clean recycled aluminum and comes with a lifetime of parts and labor warranty.

Via: 9XMedia

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