Dynasty’s $100,000 Pool Table is Chic

Pool tables have been undergoing a great many design innovations and changes to make them look ultra-glam, thanks to aspirational spenders who would rather indulge in some lavish styling for their gaming rooms.

Dynasty, has come up with a new pool table that is designed by an American Billiard designer. Interestingly, the concerned designer does not have expertise in metal craftsmanship, but has designed a high-tech engineering sculptural metal pool table to the specifications set forth by the BCA, meaning the Billiard Congress of America.

What is interesting about this table is that the designer has paid enough and precise attention to thickness and flatness. The custom-finished Genova Italian Slate pockets are perfectly diamond gauged, and finished by hand.

The designer has obviously pushed the limits by using new technology from ILighting. The pool table has LEDs with the look of neon giving it an ambient lighting from underneath. It has K66 German Artemis Bumpers for responsive and constant rebound action. The pool table sports leather pockets and they can match the colour of the pool table fabric too.

Priced at $100,000, the below-table lighting options are available in blue, green, amber and red.

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