ART- Redefined!

Assembling debris and giving it any possible form, is it art? As it looks, it certainly is for Freidle and Ramirez, as they have completely justified it! The duo has designed a Hippo from a yard of waste and has classified it under ‘artwork’. I am sure, if Michelangelo were alive, he would have choked himself to death on seeing this art-piece.

This art-piece is made from anything one can think of in a mechanic’s workshop! You name it you will find it in there, spark plugs, spoons, nuts & bolts, wires and what not. They not only had the nerve to make something like this and dish it out in the market, but also had the balls to call it ‘ a remarkable piece’.

What got me the most is, they have put up this piece made from ‘crap’ on sale at a whooping $7800. Guys, because the Valentine’s Day is around the corner even if you are trying to make a generous gesture, never gift this artwork to your partner, unless you want to break up and end up in a hospital!

Who will be interested to spare $7800 on this artistic infatuation? The big question still remains unanswered.

via: mantiquesmodern

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