Watch Controlled Pistol at SHOT Show 2010

Picture Courtesy: Bryan William Jones

It is touted as the biggest in its segment. Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show that saw gun lovers converge in thousands at Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas happended soon after Consumer Electronics Show.
It was expected ahead of the show, that the turnout would be big. And there were good reasons for it.

Firearms and ammunition sales surged last year despite a struggling economy and recession. Not surprisingly enough, the industry’s annual trade fair indicated that sales would remain vigorous in 2010 too.

There was a rise in attendance over last year, as the show returned to Las Vegas. Buyers thronged exhibition stalls to check out products and order in advance for the latest gear.

Among all the hi-tech products at the show, the pistol by Armatix stole the show. The German firm make has an electronic safety that instantly disables the pistol if it is not within a few inches of a custom wristwatch.
Here is how it works: The watch sends a wireless arming signal to the gun. If the gun picks up a signal from the watch, a green LED on the back lights up.

If you clutch the handle while not wearing the custom-make watch, and you see a red warning light. A limited edition version of the pistol costs €7,000.

Via: Wired

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  • Cool idea just add a low or high level electric shock when a unauthorized user grabs the gun and then you have a really smart idea… something that does not take batteries or can have a sustained life span with very little battery power?? uh, what do u guys think…oh I know put a tracking devise in the band so we can be monitored where ever we go??? better yet have it send your conversations across a low band frequency so they can hear what your doing…blah,blah,blah I will keep my low tech firearms and teach my family the basics how,when and why you need to use dads gun…safety,safety,safety..should always be tought first and foremost…train for real life…then you dont have to worry about someone grabbing that gun who is not authorized…a gimick thats too expensive…cool idea?.. Not!!!

  • Well the pistol may be cool, but that watch is a shocker !

    It looks like a throw back to the 1970s, personally I prefer Casio wave Ceptors and G-Shocks if you are looking for a chunky looking piece of plastic with some extra functionality.

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