Roca Launches Spa-style Bathtubs

It is time we went back into the eggs! Well, I am not talking about the picture you just got in your mind after going through my previous statement, I am talking about the cocoons in which you can shut yourself and have the spa-style baths, even at home!

These egg shaped container, introduced by Roca, is big enough to contain your body mass, but the catch is, you should have enough room in your bathroom to contain it. This cocoon has more to offer than you can imagine, it has LEDs in it, which light up according to your mood and help in de-stressing your body with the color therapy. The shower nozzle lets out a spray which would make you feel that you are in a rain forest.

It can also serve the purpose of a Jacuzzi and a bathtub (of course)! The best part of this egg shaped bath tub is, it does not allow water to escape into the bathroom, which according to me would fancy many people.

If you are a regular in spas and want to cut down your expenses, this is a very well suited and one time investment for you and if you are a hydrophile you will bury yourself in it , rest assured!

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