Play Rocker: A Concept Toy for Toddlers

The period of time when an infant grows up to be a toddler and the time when they go to pre-nursery school is some of the most important years in a child’s life. Playing is one of the most important activities which not only engages the child, but helps in the developmental process on the whole. In fact, playing has been given more importance than learning, as most learning in fact happens through playing.

With that in mind, Ellen Klein from New York has designed the Play Rocker, which takes the ideas of child safety, playing and learning into one single toy. It is an interactive piece of furniture that lets the child to rock, turn upside down and write with a chalk or even a crayon. A child’s imagination can thus be helped with.

The Play Rocker is especially cool because it allows the child to imagine anything it wants and write on it, and when it gets bored, it can sit and rock on the floor without any harm. It even comes with a Magnetic that allows kids to learn their ABCs, write poetry and create collage of magnets. It is expected to cost $149 to $199. However, it needs to be manufactured on a large scale. I totally love this concept!

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