Christophe Claret Makes The Dual Tow Wear A Tuxedo

Christophe Claret, the master watch maker, has given its Dual Tow watch a new avatar. You heard it right ladies and gentleman, the timepiece now comes in a tuxedo style black and white version. Though many of us have already enjoyed the benefits of the handy customization color option that comes with the watch, the new combo promises to offer a similar style and some more. It has its complex watch case made from titanium.

If we hear it correct from the li’l birdie, Christophe Claret has a set of special and unique machines that have not been seen anywhere else before. The watch case has been cut with a 17 axis cutting machine, which has a precision and dexterity similar to human hands, and consists of 67 parts.

That said, all isn’t hunky dory for the Dual Tow tuxedo watch as there are concerns about the reliability of the rubber belts used to tell the time. People fear that the rubber will degrade over time and bending. But Christophe Claret is deteremined to conduct a series of test with to belts to show how strong they are. They are stress testing the belts to 60 years of usage with favorable results. The final finding will be shared soon. Being a limited edition, the watch price falls between $400,000 and $500,000.

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