Chic Wall Firebox Wards off Winter Chill

Wall mounted stoves by Caminetti Montegrappa are not just stylish and elegant. They are sturdy, solid, heavy gauge steel wood burning stoves that have a good finish. And have temperature resistant coating too.

Available in two models – Linea 6 and Linea 8, the burning stoves have a front door with a real large ceramic glass window that can tolerate thermal shocks up to, as high as 750 degrees celsius.

As such, the firebox has a refractory material lining, designed to store heat while the fire burns in it, and release it rather gradually, keeping the air warm even after the flames go off. The wall-mount stoves not just warm up the indoors, but also allow visibility of the flames, fit into contemporary homes with ease, and create a clean look. They are stoves and yet do not look the traditional stove types.

Every wood burning stove comes with a natural convection system. It has a 15 cm rear or top fuel outlet. Each stove is also up on heating efficiency by about 80%.

The output of heat in Linea 6 variable is in 3.9 to 7.8 kw range, while Linea 8 emits between 5.2 and 10.4 kw of heat. Apparently, Carbon Monoxide emissions are restricted to under 0.09 per cent. One only wishes these stoves did not need wood though, in this era of climate change worries. And of course, that CO emissions are 0.00 per cent.

Via: Appliancist, caminettimontegrappa

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