Vintage Bugatti Fished Out of Lake

Imagine this scenario: About 75 years ago, someone who had a car had to be rich. Moreover, they had to be really rich. If they had to have a Bugatti, that made them richer than one could imagine. Somehow, the guy who drove the Bugatti in Switzerland comes to realize that his date is not accepted in the conventional society of Europe.

He nevertheless takes the date out in his Bugatti, and both the men fall in to a lake, and then meet a watery grave. After 73 years, a gruesome murder takes place and the car is fished out of the lake in a decomposed and rusted state. Similarly a Bugatti was fished out of the murky depths of Lake Maggiore and it is expected to sell for €70,000 to €90,000 at Paris’s Retromobile auction.

The salvaging of the car also has a bloody history as it was prompted after some guy’s murder. The next time you take your unco0nventional date out in a car, think about it. The car you are driving maybe fished out of a river or a lake many hundreds of years ago only to be auctioned off for an astronomical amount of money, at Bonhams.

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