Taipei 101 Offers One Year Membership: Do We Need It?

Things that people come up with to make you spend your money! While I am not against splurging on unnecessary things, I would like it if I get to decide what I splurged for was completely worthless or of some worth. When they are neither and are masqueraded as something useful, or something useless but cool, it completely annoys me. Taipei 101 is one such club that is located in the world’s second tallest building’s 6th floor. You have to spend $44,241 in a day and you get access to the club.

What does the club offer? A few spa treatments, some audio and video and maybe a relaxing lounge. Oh yeah, they claim to give a lot of importance to privacy. Now why on earth would I go to Taipei to seek privacy, and then cough out $44,241 in just one day, and then take a private elevator to 6th floor of a building?

I could certainly walk to the 6th floor! I guess, it would be great if they also mentioned that there would be a private bathroom in the club. Certainly people, this is something that I would stay away from and no matter what, I still believe splurging money on a luxury condo in Paris is way much better!

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