P Diddy Buys Boring Maybach for 16 Year Old Son

Think about rappers and hip hop stars, we imagine obscenely rich and tasteless lifestyles. While I am not really a fan of hip hop, it makes me wonder sometimes why they have to flaunt their wealth so much that it is not even funny anymore! Most gangsta singers have this knack of using their money to buy the most hideous stuff ever. This time around, P Diddy has bought his underage son a £300,000 Maybach for his 16th birthday.

The kid does not have a driving license yet and his son Justin Dior will surely not like it. Maybach is one of the stupidest cars that you could buy for a kid, and moreover, it is tasteless and disappointing. Even Auto Blog has noted that Maybach is one of the most disappointing and pointless luxury cars in the market.

I guess, the rapping is really getting on his nerves that P Diddy has completely lost it by now. If you were planning to buy your kid an amazing car, try the Mustang. I always wanted one when I was young and youthful. Ah, the days of youth and summer! They were as fast as the wheels of a Mustang!

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