Jacket-Backpack Is a Mixed Bag of Utility

This one is a backpack and jacket rolled in one. But while someone out there used some out of box thinking in designing this, one is not sure if it’s a great convertible after all. A fashion fad for fancy’s sake, maybe. An important piece of utilitarian value that eases life many times over? Certainly not. It’s called the H by Harris Jacket.

The piece may well fit in to a trekker’s scheme of things at times. But the unisex H jacket, a quilted piece with an attached rucksack, while helping you wear and remove it all at one go, may not be all that comfortable.

For all you know, there’s that notebook and pen tucked away inside of your rucksack and you are having to remove the jacket only to reach out to that little something hiding away in one of the bag pockets! Besides, when not in use, it’s an entire jacket hanging from your backpack.

It’s true the world is moving towards convertibles. We love multifunctional pieces , be it gadgets, furniture, or clothes. It takes some more punch though, to bring out something unique. This one is unique, in some ways. Not all.

Via: ecouterre, h by harris, refinery29

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