MJ’s Swarovski and Diamond Studded Notebook, Gold Mouse, Stun

Ukraine Art Studio has decorated its laptops with an array of shining rocks for those crazy about them, on its newest collection.

The collection is not just about those super luxury names like Lamborghini Platinum Crocodile or Acer Ferrari Gold Python, that make up for the range of laptops, but the fact that each notebook has encrusted gold, diamonds and Swarovski crystals. In effect, when you carry your Sony Vaio Blackwood for instance, people ogle at your laptop before you make an impression on them!

For the fashion conscious folks, the line even includes, leather, snake as well as croc skin edition sets that includes, a notebook, a mouse, a mini case and a USB drive as well. The MJ Laptop Brilliant Limited Edition inlaid White & Black Diamonds is the most exquisite offering of them all. What’s more, you can run your fingers or scroll with your palm resting on a, golden mouse! Yes, a gold mouse that actually makes your PC run!

The MJ Laptop Brilliant Limited Edition inlaid with White & Black Diamonds is the most exquisite of all pieces though. The pieces cost 2,500,000 euro which is $3,520,660 and come with a 10 year warranty for the notebook.

Via: Notebook777

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