Lucedentro Illuminates Your Bathroom Like Never Before!

Sleek is always in as far as the modern way of life goes. There is no time and space for clutter. In fact, those who used to proudly show off their homes over stuffed with artefacts from all over the world do not necessarily win any envious glances nowadays. People want clean, simple and beautiful spaces to breath in. And where does this apply most than your own home, or can we take the liberty of saying the bathroom.

Yep, the only refuge in the world known to mankind can now be given a new avatar thanks to Lucedentro and its all new bathroom top that promises to be a real deserving addition to your already well chosen hardware and the contemprary design. We hear that this one is a sandwich glass fabrication with the top bearing a photo-luminescent PVC film in between the glasses. The latter is able to accumulate daylight and gives it back through three gorgeous colors – Aqua-marina, Yellow green and Ocean blue.

So, this one is easy on the power consumption as the sun’s energy is resued in a very smart manner. A magical thing is the new bathroom top from Lucedentro. Our only fear is that you might just not want to leave the bathroom at all!

Via interiornews

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