General Motor’s Maharani Of A Cadillac Comes With A Kitchen Sink Now

There are a few dream machines which actually re-enter our lives in some truly tasteful versions. It is indeed rare for these cars to step out of obscurity and enjoy attentions of those with a hearty appetite. However, if you are the Maharani built by General Motors originally for its 1956 Motorama Show, things will always be like a bed of roses. Also dubbed the Kitchen Sink Cadillac, this beauty of re-invention is all set to go under the hammer at RM’s Automobiles of Arizona.

Mind we tell you that this one is an artifact that will help you relive the 50’s era what with the many carboard tags attached to the wiring harnesses. But that is just one of the fringe benefits. The actual showstealer is the the gorgeous interior which will leave you marveling at it. The space for the front passenger seat has been used to keep an array of culinary appliances. So you get a toaster, refrigerator, hot plate, cutlery holder and even a kitchen sink. There might also be some gadgets from the 50’s that add to the decor but are not functional.

Nobody has the faintest idea as to why the Maharani was saved all these years from going under the crusher. It’s definitely good that it didn’t. So, if you can spare anything between $150,000 and $200,000, the kitchen on the go can be all yours.

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