BMW X5 Named the Best Luxury Car in Britain

There was a time when the BMW was something of a status symbol, not that it isn’t now. BMW has always been one of the most exclusive status symbols that one could get for himself or herself. Likewise, they have been getting a number of awards which proves that BMW is the best car manufacturer in the luxury segment.

This time around, they have got an award for their X5 which has been named UK’s luxury used car of the decade by CAP. An amazing 65,353 units have been sold and it comes with BMWs xDrive technology. The BMW Service package costs £250 and it can be transferred to the next owner. If you are looking for an affordable and luxurious car, this just could be what you want.

Moreover, the BMW X5 looks good, functions well and has a great performance and is definitely better than buying those ill shaped Asian cars that have flooded the market. Though the Asian cars are cheap and efficient, they lack the class that people like us look for. I would so want to get a BMW for myself, but I already have another car.

Via: Auto Evolution

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