Atmos 566 Clock Kicks Butt Of All Those Regular Timepiece Out There

It’s actually humanely impossible to keep track of the actual number of admiring glances that the new Atmos 566 Clock attracts. This amazing timepiece has been designed by the ‘oh so talented’ Marc Newson and the maker claims that it is nothing like any clocks out there. In fact, brand Jaeger-LeCoultre is quite gung-ho about the newest product being sold under its name.

We are told that the Atmos 566 runs on energy which is supplied by infinitely small successive changes in temperature. These are kept track of by the hermetically sealed capsule that contains a gaseous mixture, which initially is mercury but it later dilates when the temperature rises and contracts at the various drops.

As for the mechanism, it’s too complex to be spelled out here. All we can tell you is that it’s a great compilation of art, design, manufacturing expertise and technology. Jaeger-LeCoultre has decided to make it an exclusive collection by offering only 76 units. If you are worried about the price tag, we think you have every reason to do so. Yep, the basic Atmos starts at $2,600 and goes on to almost $70,600.

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