Aluna Moon Clock Uses Tidal Energy to Tell Lunar Time

Ever dreamed of a clock that would tell you the time of Moon instead of the boring planet that we stay on? Well, here is the Aluna, which is the world’s first tidal powered Moon Clock.

The funny thing is, you cannot bring this home and would be used as a clock that is of monumental proportions. It would use tidal energy in order to run the clock, the Aluna Moon Clock is the result of the efforts put by scientists, astronomers, technicians and many others. It has even been backed several leading industrialists and scientists who believe this could be an encouraging way to use the tidal power.

It is expected to be larger than the Stonehenge at 40 meters and I am sure would costs a lot. It comes with 3 concentric rings that are translucent, and can be se from afar. It could be something that could drive tourism in a place that already has a steady flow of tourists. It is tastefully designed, and reflects the aesthetics of contemporary designers. It would be cool if the Aluna Moon Clock is installed in every important city, or perhaps not!

Via: Incredible World

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