GameBar Encourages Geeks to Shell Out Money

The usual perception and image that people have of gamers is that they are geeky, boring and that they are terrible couch potatoes with a bulging stomach and no sense of style. However, the geeks and gamers that are rich enough may not be interested in the usual stuff we cover like fashion, luxury and yachts but they would certainly be interested in an expensive gaming table that would help them unload some of the money they have in their bank accounts.

Thus, for the unsuspecting geek, here is a gaming table that has been conceived by Playerati and Gorenje, which allows the geek to invite other nerds and serve them champagne, red wine, (alas, what a waste of refined lifestyle) and other goodies from the GameBar table, and later allowing the guests and the host himself or herself to play games!

Games that can be accommodated into the GameBar are poker, roulette, black jack and others. However, if the table is used in casinos and places like that, the GameBar table is actually quite cool. The table conceals a refrigerated core where the geek can store champagne and other drinks and also a remote control to turn the table into normal shape so that the geek can continue playing games.

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