Valentine’s Day: Organic Chocolates Come Packaged with Candles!

Chocolates are some of the best ways to say you love someone. Especially when it comes to expensive chocolates, people are usually taken over by the person who gives them. Cocoa, they say was even banned in Europe was sometime because it was thought to be too sensual! This time around, you should try and get the Coco de Mer chocolates which come packed luxuriously in a well designed box.

These chocolates are handmade and organic. Only five pieces are kept in these cool boxes and each set costs $35. There is also the Afterglow, which costs $50 and as the name suggests, you are expected to light candles once you finish up eating your chocolates. What you do under the influence of sensual chocolates and the warm light of candles is totally up to you!

This shows that luxury still thrives in Japan and that high end chocolates only need to be packaged well to grab attention instead of believing that chocolates do not have demand in the land of rising sun, if they turn out to be expensive. I would so love to get these chocolates for myself but I can’t afford them!

Via: Japan Trends

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