An Electrifying Way To Travel By Air!

Have you always wanted to own a private helicopter¬ but we let down by its carbon emissions or even the ever rising fuel costs? We might have just the option you were always looking for. This one likes to go by the name of E430. It’s a prototype of an electric aircraft that was introduced by Yuneec International, which is a British company currently working in China.

We hear that the organisation has great aspirations. It has full plans to mass produce the aircraft for the global market and have it readily delivered by 2011.

The aircraft will be a two seater with fuel costs as low as $2 oer hour. Even the maintainance costs are going to be significantly low when compared to that of a piston aircraft. All you have to do is plug in to recharge. So that means you don’t have to deal with messy gasoline or oil. The price range is around big figures, the likes of $89K. A great way to travel this one will bring about a huge change- that of traveling silently with the least minimum emissions. It has extra long wings to provide plenty of lift for flights that might last up to two and a half hours between charges.

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