The All New ‘Fly You Anywhere’ Martin Jet Pack

The days of James Bond 007 are finally here, with the introduction of the all new Martin Jet Pack. This one of a kind aviation device lets you strap into the seat and take tour of the skies without even having the need for a runway. The Martin Jet Pack is an ultra light machine that is capable of VTOL (Vertical Take off & Landing) and has been given its approval by the U.S. aviation regulation industry, the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration).

This innovative flying machine is made entirely from Carbon fiber composite and operates on a custom built 2.0L gasoline engine with a maximum fuel capacity of 5 gallons. The Martin Jet Pack has been given a pilot license free operational classification and the machine can easily achieve a top speed of 31.5 miles per hour with a maximum above ground level (AGL) altitude of 8,000 feet. The entire package of the Martin Jet pack consists of flight and engine displays, a security harness, retractable undercarriage and a ballistic parachute.

Even though the device does not require an official pilot’s license to operate, the customers of the Martin Jet Pack are regardless required to for a mandatory Martin Aircraft Company approved training program, before they get their hands on the Jet pack.

Via Uncrate

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