Special Edition Cinquocente Comes in Hot Pink

Steve Taylor from Aerosmith once sang to the horrified listeners back in the 90s that Pink is his favourite crayon. The sung was pretty creative and in act quite cool, for he describes the various ways in which pink can be described as a special colour. Now with all the pink money around, and with the pink communities doing pretty good in most countries, all that one lacked was the 500 Pink by Fiat.

It is a special edition special edition Cinquocente and comes with amazing features which cost an extra £1,500. However, visually it looks much like any other Fiat Cinquocente and you can’t really differentiate it from the others. Some of the cooler features are enviro-chic start-stop engine management and sunroof.

The car is more girlish than a pair of frilly pink blouses and screams the power of pink. It definitely might just be the car that you would use to drive to a sea side resort after having an argument with your lover. It has been launched by the Fiat UK and I bet it is also going to turn a lot of heads towards your side.

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