Santoni Shoes to go With Your Merc

What is it about a Merc and shoes that set style standards? Call it smart brand alliance building. Its true, you have shoes now to go with your Mercedes Benz!

It’s an example of taking customer comfort a step further through intelligent product making and crafting. Italian Fashion house Santoni and Mercedes maker AMG have got together for the `appropriate footwear’ to go with the SLS AMG supercar.

Going a step further to make these shoes best suited for Merc owners, the makers have got them certified by the Federational Internationale de l’Automobile. The shoes come in black. But not far in future, they may come in colours to match the supercar’s body colour! You, may after all, want to stack up your shoe shelf with shoes that match the Mercedes! And want to drive that supercar 12 months a year!

When Santoni and Mercedes Benz come together, it only means high quality, high performance driving for all occasions. These shoes have an upper leather lining and rubber sole.

Since these shoes come with the all luxury super crafting label, you can surely expect their pricing to complement Mercedes too!
Via: Luxist

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