Nissan Motor India Unveils Luxury Sports Car

Indian car market is a quite a dismal scene usually, when it comes to luxury cars. Most cars that are bought and sold in India are entry level box typed cars which can be an assault on the senses. With not many takers for cool cars like Mustangs or Ferrari, most luxury car manufacturers are not even aware of the country’s existence let alone the existence of a luxury car market in this post-socialist, thickly populated, ex-third world country.

Now, Nissan Motor India is launching the sixth generation Z car, the 370Z which is expected to cost Rupees 5,400,000. It shall compete against other few luxury cars in the market such as the BMW Z4, Mercedes Benz AMG and Audi R8. The car is priced lower than its competitors, as India is a price sensitive market. This sports car has generated interest among the elite few of the country, who might have been abroad and seen other cool cars and wished they would get something cool like that back home. There is no information yet about why India was chosen for the car to be launched, but I guess it was a good thing to do for Nissan.

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  • India will surely be happy to add Nissan to its list of luxury cars. It will make the few people very happy to have the prospect of owning a luxury car. The price is really attractive and will have many customers who will fall in love with it.

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