Luxury Yacht Group Launches Annual Cost Calculator for Yacht Owners

Yachts are an expensive affair and it is not a new thing to learn that. However, many people make uninformed decisions when they choose to buy a yacht. Luxury yachts need a lot of maintenance and the maintenance in a given year may sometimes cost more than the original price of the yacht.

With that being the case, you would need to calculate always how much it might cost to maintain it for the rest of the year, if you already have a yacht. Instead of making wild guesses, you could take a look at the Luxury Yacht Group Annual Cost Calculator which helps you predict annual operating costs. They specialize in 80-300 feet yachts and the calculations and predictions would be emailed to you or printed and sent. LYG also provides Crew Salary calculator and a Yacht/Crew Certification Guide which can be of immense use as well. If you have a yacht, you certainly are gonna need this! Moreover, if you are planning to buy a yacht, it could still help you with that, and help you assess how much kit might cost to buy a functional and luxurious yacht.

Via: The Triton

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  • I was wondering how much it would cost to own a Chritensen Casino Royale Yacht 165 footer.

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