Luxury Personified: The All New Dazzling iPhone ‘Tamara Runge’ Edition Wallet From Stuart Hughes

From the makers of the $3 million Apple iPhone 3GS, also termed as the world’s costliest mobile phone, comes yet another stylish, elegant and luxurious product that is sure to make the connoisseurs of luxury products leave speechless. We are talking about the dazzling iPhone ‘Tamara Runge’ Edition Wallet, that will equally compliment the sizzling range of luxury mobile phones from Goldstriker International. The iPhone 3GS Supreme has been designed for those who are keenly interested in owning a perfect blend of technology mixed with cutting edge technology.

The all new Tamara Range Edition Wallet is designed specifically for the Apple iPhone and is going to be perhaps the most luxurious iPhone wallet in the market. The wallet has been hand crafted through and through and is crafted from authentic Python. This one of a kind marvel of luxury has� been the culmination of creativity from Davide De Nizza of Milan and Stuart Hughes and carries 46 grams of 18 carat solid gold along and its beauty is further accentuated with the presence of 35 flawless diamonds. Furthermore, the iPhone ‘Tamara Runge’ Edition Wallet has been embedded with a signature single 3 carat cut flawless diamond. The structure of this exquisite piece of beauty is composed of 40% nubuck inside, 40% python bianco roccia and 20% croco slow brown .

The Tamara Range Edition Wallet will be launched via Republica Fashion and Goldstriker has revealed that only three of these gorgeous carry cases will be built by the company, carrying a price tag of a whopping $ £59,995 ($96,950) per piece.

Courtesy: Goldstriker International

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