Coffee Table Plug Port For Your Laptop, Cellphone

Want a better way to deal with your home power connections, TV, data, networks, and the like? Evoline Port Lounge table is the right thing for you. It is sleek. It is elegant. It allows functionality with intelligent design. It is probably how coffee tables would evolve into, in future.

In our eternal pursuit of modern living enabled by gadgets, we all tend to hook ourselves up to our laptops, mobiles and other such devices.

With Evoline Port lounge that has two main sockets, two Ethernet ports to power your device proper, you can stay tuned to the internet just where you want to, at the coffee table. Or simply hook up at the socket for a business presentation.

The socket port is made of sturdy aluminium while its composite covers come in three shades – silver, black and stainless steel. The port lounge is priced at £900 which is approximately $ 1,470. And sure has the ability to hide away ugly looking wires that spread out over your living area, workstations, or coffee places.

In future, you may probably have classic and rustic looking tables sporting such plug sockets.

Via: Schulte

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