Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich buys Art for His Yacht

Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich is known for his extravagant lifestyle but he is also one of those who spend their wealth in an almost artistic way. He is not the one to squander his wealth on things that are frivolous but instead buys art, technology an even property that may not help just him but also the flagging markets themselves.

This time around, he has bought oodles of art for one of his 3 luxury yachts called the Eclipse. According to Josepf clarke, there isn’t much information as to what kinda art he bought, except that they were “pretty expensive” and also that they are not “trendy art” but something more traditional and ancient. I can imagine his yacht to be one of the most artistic and elegant ones that one could ever lay their sights on.

Abramovich has a wealth that amounts to £7 million and he even bought Francis Bacon’s 1976 “Triptych” for $86.3 million and Lucian Freud’s 1995 “Benefits Supervisor Sleeping” in May 2008. You can imagine how much he must have spent right now. He was also famous for his anti paparazzi laser shield.

Via: Bloomberg

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