On The Go Espresso Made Easier With The ‘Simply Espresso’

So, you are on the highway, on a long drive or simply stuck in a traffic jam and all you want is a decent cup of invigorating coffee to jump start your day. If that is the case, then the ‘Simply Espresso‘ is your best chance at having that great cup of coffee, without having to stop at any coffee shops. Simply Espresso is a portable battery powered espresso machine, from the Danish manufacturer, Stelton and the device has been designed by Nielsen Innovation, a pioneer name in creative consumer products.

The Simply Espresso is 23 x 8 centimeters, thus making it extremely portable and space saving around the house the as well. The device is capable of creating the best on the go espresso and if you have a liking for froth on your coffee, then you definitely go for the Simply Milk Frother, a device that is still smaller than the Simply Espresso and has the capability of creating creamed froth in under 60 seconds.

An equally beneficial product from Stelton is the Simply Vacuum Flask, that can carry your espresso coffee and can keep it warm for hours at a time. The Vacuum Flask is built from three insulating layers of stainless steel and plastic and also comes with a magnetically-attaching top, that also works as a cup for your coffee.

Via Stelton & Nielsen Innovation

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