Black Pearl Range by HD3 Brings Back the Pirates of Steampunk Era

The exclusive Black Pearl range by HD3 is one of the best bi-axial tourbillion that one could come across. The watch has been inspired by pirates and sea gangsters who would rob ships off their luxurious decks and shipment. Buccaneers, pirates are not just part of the legends, but they exist even today in places like Somalia and elsewhere.

In fact, the watch tries to bring back the charm of old world pirates and it is almost steampunk in nature. The hatch on the 9’o clock side of the case is amazingly sea worthy, and it resembles the lives of pirates. It even gives you an amazing view of the tourbillion from one side and you could get your name printed on the timepiece with you being declared the “captain” as well. There is no information yet about the price or availability but it surely is going to be a really cool watch that you must keep your eyes wide open for. Moreover, it is also not clear where you could possibly buy this amazing watch, which looks so cool and stylish hanks to all the pirate-culture and the lawlessness of it all.

Via: Fly Lyf

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