World’s Most Expensive Ham, A Meaty Affair This

Ladies and gentleman, you are about to read more on the most expensive piece of ham in the world. Yep, you heard us right. This meat is bound to have every single gram of it savored as if it’s one of life’s most incredible gourmet miracles. We are sure that you must be wondering what really justifies the price tag of $2,940. You are not alone.

A little research told us that a lot of care and effort has gone into this ham by pig farmer and ham expert Manuel Maldonaout right from breeding to curing. From what we are told, he fed 50 best pigs in his farms with acorns and roots such that the ham held a distinct flavor. After that, he left the ham t cure for three years.

The result was a 7 kilogram Oberco ham leg that even has the DNA certification which is proof enough of its authenticity. So all the rich and the famous can look forward to a gastronomical platter that will be their true match in luxury. By the by, the Spanish ham is said to melt in your mouth.

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