John Dillnger’s Escape Car, A 1930 Ford Model Sees The Light Of The Day

History never fails to amaze the world. It’s always such a treat to see the course of time as it went past the world leaving behind an indelible impression. Good reasons or bad reasons do not matter. It is a wholesome contribution of the two that makes the past, doesn’t it? This once drawing our attention is the actual car used by legendary gangster John Dillinger and his gang when trying to escape the federal agents in one of the most talked about shoot-outs in American history.

Here’s a little recap. During their nation-wide robbing spree, John Dillnger and his cronies were staying at the Little Boehmia Lodge in rural Wisconsin when the proprietors alerted the cops. As a result there was a lot of action on the scene. In fact, this very scene was depicted in the recent movie ‘Public Enemies’. It is on this occasion that the Ford V8 was used to flee.

The car’s owner was forced to drive as Dillinger shot from the back. Since then the car has stayed with the family for decades. And now the 1930 Ford Model A with a four-cylinder engine as well as bullet holes has been restored.

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