Ultimate Ears 18 Pro Earbuds Come with 6 Drivers

Earphones have always been big business for every audio company, and they have a lot of competition to deal with. This is because the earphone and headphone market is already saturated with great many products that are quite good, and in order to excel in the market, the new product must have that special something.

This time around, Ultimate Ears have launched the Ultimate Ears 18 Pro custom monitors with the help of Logitech which come with an amazing 6 drivers in each earbud. You can imagine the quality of music that you might get when you use one of these pairs of headphones! There are 2 drivers for bass in each ear, and 2 each for mids and treble in each earbud. However, they cost quite a bit at $1,350.

It could perhaps be one of the most expensive earphones available today, if not the most expensive. So perhaps if you are a great fan of music, you should go ahead and get them immediately. One thing is assured, you would never have to complain about either the bass or treble not being strong enough. I would so love to get the Ultimate Ears 18 Pro custom monitors for myself.

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