Party All Night without a Worry of Losing Valuables!

It is always a problem when you suddenly decide to go to the nightclub, for you cannot possibly dance with a bag or a coat with you. Coats are still ok, for you could hang them or if it’s not too hot, you could wear them to the dancefloor. However, trusting all the people on the dance floor to not steal your valuables in the bag or the coat would be a stupid idea.

When Kirsten and Sarah went to a club in downtown New York, they encountered a similar problem. Sarah kept banging other people on the dance floor with her purse while dancing, and Kirsten worried herself to blue in the face as she had kept many valuables in her jacket. This, they designed what they call the Julian Scarf. It is mad of lightweight 100% rodeo cotton flannel outer shell.

It is 100% water resistant so if someone throws wine or liquor on your face, it may still be saved. Thanks to the invisible zippers, you would look cool as a cat. You could keep your money, your gadgets and other valuables in the Julian Scarf and wear it and dance your night away. However, I am not sure who Julian is, or how he looks. The Julian Scarf costs $30 and comes in many patterns.

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