Feel Like Homemade Cakes? Order them Online!

We cannot define luxury in terms of the price tag, for something that is extremely expensive with a price tag of 7 or 8 digits just may not appeal. However, luxury can be defined as that which is hard to get, but you have been lucky to get while others crave for it. It necessarily does not have to be expensive!

In fact, I believe a great sleep of 9 or 10 hours is a great luxury which I can afford, but not many can, in spite of all their 6 digit salaries. Here is one such amazingly luxurious service called the online cupcake builder. It is a service offered by a small Portland, Oregon bakery called St. Cupcake owned by Jami Curl. Cakes can be ordered according to your whim, and the cup cakes would be home delivered in a pretty package in crisp condition.

You could choose between several flavours and even combine them online and then just pay up and wait for the cakes to arrive. Or you could send them to a friend using their website, without lifting a toe. This way, a simple luxury can be enjoyed for just $10 (3 cupcakes) to $35 (12 cup cakes). I would say, it is really luxurious and delicious!

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