ThermaHelm: A Helmet that Could Save Your Life, Literally

ThermaHelm is an amazing “brain-cooling” motorcycle helmet that may save thousands of lives if it really does what it promises to do. When there is an impact, it acts as an immediate and instant ice pack, thereby protecting brain from severe injury and long term damage.

Inventor and motorcycling enthusiast Jullian Preston-Powers will sell it for £299 and many companies have already begun to show interest in the product. There is an interesting story too, behind the helmet. The inventor and his friend had an accident and accidentally the friend put ice cubes in his helmet and realized how good it felt. That is when the inventor decide to create something cool as this.

The helmet comes with two lightweight chemical packs and one contains ammonium nitrate and the other, water. The sudden impact causes a cooling reaction and it lasts up to 45 minutes, and would thus save the user’s life. It may be a little expensive, but it certainly will be great if it can save your life. When you could buy Prada shoes for hundreds of pounds, why not a life saving helmet?

Via: daily Mail

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