Space Invaders Tights Great for Geeky Women

If you are into fashion, and would like to design something geeky what would you possibly have designed? A Tetris shirt? a Pacman shoes? Or how about Space invader’s tights?

James Lillis has designed tights which are inspired by the popular vintage video game Space Invades. I am not sure what it is like to wear something so geeky, but I sure know that there are several people who would actually pay the price of $80, for something so geeky as this. I am not sure if any of the fashion-conscious would like to wear it, but it sure may have a market of its own.

That is surprising, for it takes little to please the geeky types and it takes a lot to please us the fashion conscious. While all that the geeks need is a video game or two printed on their clothes, fashion goes way beyond that. Even then, you could try and get these tights if you know someone who plays Space Invaders a lot. I am surely not going to wear anything like this, even if something like this is designed for guys.

Via: Geekologie

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