Mercedes-Benz’s European Range Gets New Interiors and Exteriors

If you were looking for a cool new car, you must consider buying the new roadsters which have been added to the Mercedes-Benz’s European range. SL Night Edition and SLK Grand Edition come with amazing features for both the interiors and exteriors.

The interiors come with black nappa leather and shining chrome trim. With great interior headlights and the standard AIRSCARF system, you could be almost certain that things are going pretty smooth with you.

You could upgrade your car if you have an existing one to these interiors and it costs 2300 to 5200 Euro. The cars look really elegant, and the interiors are beyond classy. I am sure you would love to drive these cars to the town, where you would have the best of the folks staring at your car and the wheels.

Mercedes Benz really knows how to create amazing interiors and exteriors for their cars. No self respecting car lover can avoid these lovely machines, for they come in luxurious nappa leather, and other such attractions. If you have a Mercedes Benz car of the above models, do upgrade it!

Via: Carscoop

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