Thomas Prescher Creates Yet Another Masterpiece With The TEMPUSVIVENDI Qatar Watch

Ever since the introduction of the Flying Triple Axis Tourbillon watch, Mr. Thomas Prescher has been known as the master watchmaker, the one who creates exquisite masterpieces of time and since then, he has given us some of the most unique and stylish and unique watches that simply take our breath away.

Recently, Mr. Prescher was asked to create a watch of craftsmanship honoring the nation of Qatar and thus the Tempusvivendi Qatar Watch was born. Designed and developed at his workshop in Switzerland, this one of a kind piece of mastery is features a 39mm watch case, with Qatar’s national symbol, Coat of Arms depicting two crossed swords in a yellow circle. The functions of the watch are depicted the Coat of Arms, where the swords represent the hands of the watch. The intricacy of the work on this watch is exemplified by the fact that, the two sword hands of the watch jump back to their original positions after completing their index cycle.

The Tempusvivendi collection of watches can be traced back to the 19th century and since the then the tradition of creating masterpieces of time has been in full swing. The Tempusvivendi collection represents an artist’s innovation and creativity, all the while mainlining the true function of the watch, to tell time.

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