Silverpac Digital Thermostat Helps You Save Power

Silverpac Digital Thermostat comes with a cool interactive touchscreen interface, which could do wonders to your energy management at home. With a programmable 7 day cycle, the 7″ touchscreen enabled gadget is a wonder that comes in a chic and stylish package.

It tells you how energy is being used in the house, and can also isolate specific devices which are consuming more power. Moreover, it tells you how you could reduce energy consumption and thanks to Wi-fi, it can send reports to the utility company directly. I would say, this is one of the best gadgets that look chic and also do their work properly.

It is a well known fact that most of us have had troubles with understanding how much power is actually required, and how much we are using in the house. Once we learn to reduce our energy usage, a lot of resources and money can be saved. Most of the times, we do not understand how we are squandering our electricity and technical assistance in the form of a hi-tech gadget can always be of great help to even the most lazy user.

Via: Design Boom

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