Presenting The All New Lean, Mean, King Of The Road, Ramera From Ferry Clot

Whether it’s your neighborhood bike shop or an international automotive show, the trend for custom designed and heavily modified motorcycles is at its fever pitch as more and more companies have designated whole customization divisions to create bikes and cars that defy conventional designs and performance and give the consumers exhilarating rides every time they take these awesome vehicles for a spin.

One of the most renowned names in customized choppers and the winner of the 2009 World Championship Custom, Ferry Clot, a Spanish custom bike creator has unveiled his latest creation, the Ramera. The bike has an almost negligible ground clearance, that eliminates the needs for a side stand and the bike powered by a monstrous Retrofuturo S & S Engine 96, providing incredible power to the twin carburetors of the vehicle.

The Ramera has an extremely large rear tire, that has been taken from a Mega 360 bike and provides huge amounts of traction and grip on the road and off it as well. The bike is available for purchase at Hot Dreams Marbella, the custom shop of Ferry Clot, where the most gorgeous and incredible bikes are forged. The Ramera is priced at a whopping $190,000.

Via Motoblog

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