Fly In Style With The All New Sikorsky S-76C++ VIP Helicopter

From the billionaire Donald Trump to the might U.S armed forces, the helicopter is one of the most preferred and practical ways of traveling and it has been proven time and time again. Whether its a VIP taking a ride in his personal chopper or the military inserting commandos deep behind enemy lines, the helicopters have fast become an integral part of the aviation world.

So much so that the choppers have fast become an item of luxury and a brand ambassador of the rich, the famous and the powerful. American helicopter manufacturer, Sikorsky has been in the aviation business for nearly eighty five years and even with its flourishing military contracts, the company has created a revolution in personal helicopter realm with its long list of luxury helicopters that are in use by numerous celebrities and also is widely used in the corridors of power all across the globe.

Sikorsky’s latest addition to its personal chopper line, the S-76C++ is being considered as the ultimate VIP helicopter, as it has been designed and developed with the perfect blend of luxury and performance. As Sikorsky has been the preferred helicopter vendor to the prestigious, British Royal Family, the Sikorsky S-76C++ saw the Queen of England as the very first customer and now the helicopter is put on sale, but the prices are yet to be announced.

According to Christopher Pittaway (Royal Chief Pilot, British Royal Family),

‚ÄúThe S-76C++ most closely meets the mission requirements by providing a quiet and comfortable cabin environment, low carbon footprint and best value for money. We have enjoyed excellent product support from Sikorsky over many years and I look forward to a continued relationship.”

This all new luxury¬ helicopter is powered by Turbomeca Arriel 2S2 engines and also employ, Quiet Zone, the noise reduction system for helicopters, thus cutting down the chopper sound considerably. As far as the luxury is considered, the S-76C++ sports exquisite interiors and the customers can also modify the interiors as per their liking.

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