Fibonacci Gaming Purse Takes Gaming To New Levels

The world of gaming has evolved so much in the last ten years that, the times of the 8bit and 16bit video games are long forgotten and very soon the only place to even catch a glimpse of these devices would be in a museum or in the collection of an avid gamer. Nowadays, the gaming world has revolutionized into wireless controllers, motion sensing technology, the mobile device platform and most importantly, the internet.

Keeping in mind the increasing trend of online gaming and the fact that, women are now some of the most respected gamers in the world, Elizabeth Fuller an ITP student has designed and developed the Fibonacci Gaming Purse, that not only keeps your wallet and make up in it, but also allows you to play the famous online game, Parasite, while you are on the go. This all new accessory has not only taken a giant leap in mobile gaming, but has also opened up new venues in the field of networking by clothes, where researchers are experimenting on various ways to make clothes more like computers.

The Fibonacci Gaming Purse contains a web enabled device, that lets the users see the results of their Parasite game, as the purse itself becomes a display screen for the games. The embedded LED in the Fibonacci Purse can manipulate the colors of these LEDs, that helps them participate in the game.

Parasite is basically is location oriented multi-player online game, where a color is assigned to each of the player and they have to fill in the virtual game board with their specific colors.

Via Fashioning Tech

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