Elite Estate: Stratosphere Hotel in Las Vegas Features Sky Jump

SkyJump is quite similar to bungee jumping, but only it is practiced from a higher place. Many have compared the feeling of a sky jump to an orgasm or even better than that. The rush of blood into your face and the stoppi9ng of the heart beat for a moment when you go down with the gravitational pull is something that can’t easily be expressed in words.

The Stratosphere hotel and casino in Las Vegas, which is owned by American Casino & Entertainment Properties LLC has introduced what is being touted as the world’s highest skyjump. At $100, you would get to jump down a distance of 855 feet from the hotel’s tower.

You would be given fitness training and would don custom jump suits which would help you stay tethered to safety. $100 is not a big amount when it comes to something as cool as a SkyJump. It is definitely better than paying $100 at an amusement park which is just for the families. If you want some non family oriented fun, head towards Las Vegas and gamble away your life, while using the winning money to jump down the hotel’s tower every day.

Via: UPI

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