Rare Liberty Head Nickel Coin Fetches $3.7 Million In Auction

The Liberty Head Nickel coin, which is one of the rarest and oldest surviving pieces of currency has reportedly fetched as astounding $3.7 million in an public auction conducted in Florida. This gorgeous 1913 economic relic was also con owned by an Egyptian king, Farouk, and was later featured in a famous U.S. TV detective series, Hawaii Five-O.

The Liberty head nickel is also famous for its nickname as the Mona Lisa of rare coins and till date only five were ever made and distributed. Due to the rarity of the coin, it was also considered that, only the Liberty head nickel was among one of the few coins that could have fetched more than $ 10 million. Also known as the Olsen Specimen, the coin was auctioned in a spirited bidding and was sold to an East Coast coin collector who wishes to be anonymous and paid a whopping $3,737,500 price, that also included a 15% buyer’s premium.

Over the time, Liberty head nickel has changed hands several times, from King Farouk, to Dr. Jerry Buss, the owner of the famous basketball team, Los Angeles Lakers, who paid $200,000 for the coin.

Via Reuters

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